Oona Kivelä is a world champion athlete who competes in the sport of Pole Art. ⠀
She's the world most decorated pole athlete with four Championship titles along with gold medals and prestigious titles.⠀

Stripes_B&W-39 (Aangepast).jpg

Yvonne Smink was introduced to Pole Dance in 2011, coming from the wall climbing scene she fell in love with the physical challenge Pole Dance gives her. Her unique style mixes Chinese Pole with breakdance elements among others.⠀

Yvonne is a multiple Dutch Pole champion 🏆 and was a finalist on the Dutch TV show "Everybody dance now".⠀

🥇 Winner Pole Theatre Paris 2016⠀
🥇 Winner Pole Art at Pole Theatre USA 2018


Edouard Doye is a French Pole Artist and Acrobat who decided gravity wasn't going to stop him from performing! 🐵💪⠀
He has been touring with Cirque du Soleil since 2012, with his Chinese Pole act in the show Amaluna. ⠀

🏆 Winner Pole Art World 2011⠀
🏆 Winner French Pole 2010⠀


Daria Che is an exotic pole athlete and performer in exotic pole dance and pole sport.⠀
She is a professional choreographer with an extended background in sports.⠀
Daria holds a Master of Gymnastics which has allowed her to be teaching dance classes for over 6 years!⠀

🏆Winner Eurasia Best Pole Dancer 2015⠀